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Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Japanese Society of Hypertension


Goals of the Committee

"Asahikawa Declaration in Promotion of Diversity by the Japanese Society of Hypertension - the JSH Asahikawa Declaration -"

The JSH will:

1) Advocate the spirit of diversity to value heterogeneity and acknowledge differences in all patients and medical professionals.
2) Support the fostering of proper educational, research, and clinical practice environment to realize work-life integration while maximizing the competencies with diversity.
3) Respect individuality of patients, promoting awareness programs and practice style to make hypertension management plainer and seamless.
4) Create a supporting system for society members who need reasonable accommodation with respect.
5) Promote a diverse and inclusive work environment where diversity is valued.

The JSH has announced "Asahikawa Declaration in Promotion of Diversity by the Japanese Society of Hypertension - the JSH Asahikawa Declaration -," at its 41st Annual Scientific Meeting in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. In association with the JSH Future Plan, we pledge to undertake a specific action plan comprised of the 5 key missions to achieve our goal of this declaration.

Words from the Committee Chair, Dr. Satoko Nakamura

I am Dr. Satoko Nakamura, the chair of Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the JSH since 2015. I am the third Committee Chair, after Dr. Yusuke Oya and Dr Koichi Node.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has performed a web survey to assess the state of the JSH and has set specific target values for percentages of women in leadership positions. The Committee members now work in groups on 6 main activities, 1) JSH Women Investigator’s Award presentation (50 awardees in 5 years), 2) Committee booth at scientific meetings, 3) Onsite childcare and Conference Exploration Tour, 4) Publicity and homepage, 5) Committee-hosted symposiums, and 6) ISH 2022-related activities.

Of note, "Asahikawa Declaration in Promotion of Diversity by the Japanese Society of Hypertension - the JSH Asahikawa Declaration -" was presented at 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting and published in Hypertension Research in 2019.

The JSH has worked with diverse medical professionals to encourage women investigators and young researchers and/or clinicians, while promoting globalization of the society. The Committee will continue to work for the goal of a diverse and inclusive society where differences are valued, abilities of all are fully displayed, and individual values are respected. This goal also pertains to patient-clinician relationship, in line with the JSH Digest of plan for the future, to enhance communication and understanding among participating members.

Please give us support and feedback, and let’s work together for the common goal.


At the Japanese Society of Hypertension (JSH), Working Group on Gender Equality was formed in 2013, which became the Committee for Gender Equality in 2014. In 2018, the name of the committee was changed to the current "Diversity and Inclusion Committee" to accommodate a wider range of diversity in the society.


We host symposiums at Annual Scientific Meeting and Annual Scientific Forum of Clinical Hypertension, covering topics on gender equality and/or diversity and inclusion.

Onsite childcare

The JSH provides onsite childcare during its scientific meetings so that parents can attend the meetings with less hustle of arranging for childcare. Starting 2016, childcare is made available for elementary school children in addition to preschoolers, toddlers, and infants. While at childcare, the children can attend Conference Exploration Tour, during which they can go outside the childcare room and get a feel of the scientific meeting.

Committee booth

We set up a booth at our scientific meetings to promote the awareness of diversity & inclusion and communication among members.

JSH Women Investigator's Award

To encourage the research activity of women investigators, we present an honorary award with prize to 5 members with high abstract review scores at each scientific meeting from 2015 to 2019.

ISH 2022

The International Society of Hypertension (ISH) meeting will be held in Kyoto in 2022. ISH 2022 will be at 4 years after the Asahikawa Declaration and a prime opportunity to explore and communicate the hypothesis of this Committee that promoting diversity and inclusion improves the social contribution by medical academic societies. More specifically, we plan to perform a survey on diversity and inclusion targeting all JSH members, decide on Key Performance Index to evaluate social contribution, and publish a narrative review analyzing the above-mentioned factors and related findings.

Publicity and homepage

We issue monthly committee news on the JSH homepage to update the society members on activities of the Committee. In 2019, website for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee was created to promote public awareness and communication.

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