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Hypertension Research

Hypertension Research

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Hypertension Research, an official journal of Japanese Society of Hypertension (JSH), publishes scientific investigations of high quality in the field of clinical and basic research of hypertension as original articles, reviews or editorial comments. Hypertension Research is an international scientific journal published by Springer Nature and its 2017 Impact Factor is 3.439 ranking among the top journal in the field of hypertension research. Hypertension Research also presents the best and the two outstanding researchers with JSH Novartis Award to incentivize the investigation of hypertension.

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The members of JSH have free access to full text of Hypertension Research at website of Springer Nature, Please enter your login ID (JSH membership number) and password to read or download full text of digital contents. You can also access to the same site by clicking the banner "" on the right side of Members' page of JSH.
The members of JSH can also get the printed version of Hypertension Research. Anyone that would like to be a JSH member should go to JSH home page,

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The list of contents and the abstracts of Hypertension Research are available at Springer Nature website, If you are a personal subscriber to Hypertension Research, you have free access to full texts of Hypertension Research by entering your e-mail address and password.


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